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RHQ -Gold Mine- Donation Page

RHQ -Gold Mine- Donation Page
WARNING! You are donating anonymously/as a guest, this will not save any amount you donated to the RHQ Database.
Benefits of being a donator:
  • Nifty donator badge!
  • Private Access to the YSBST Section (exceptions may apply!).
  • 75% decreased "Wait Time" for Posting, Searching and Reporting!
  • Increased PM Message Limit to 1000! (Member limit is 500)
  • Increased avatar limitation! (double filesize, 200 x 400 avatars)
  • Privilege to use the <sage> feature!
  • Access to change your Custom Title anytime!
  • MY ETERNAL LOVE!!! (Ft. Systema)

You can receive this perk if you donate $10 USD or more (IN TOTAL, NOT AT ONCE).

Top 5 Donators:

#1 Rater has donated $40.00 in total.

#2 Cable has donated $20.48 in total.

#3 teh rei has donated $20.20 in total.

#4 Viridian Genesis has donated $10.11 in total.

#5 miga has donated $10.10 in total.


Here at RHQ there will be NO REFUNDS ALLOWED. Any donation received cannot be reversed and/or refunded; think of what you're doing before donating. However, exceptions can be made within a week of donating. Attempting to do a reversal/refund without proper autorization will lead your account to be PERMANENTLY BANNED. Please also notice that this is NOT A PURCHASE for privileges but rather a perk for donating that amount of money IN TOTAL.

We also have the rights to expel your donation perk if there's any signs of abuse (in terms of the bump feature glitches, PM limits overflow, whatever; this also includes any future donator features) at any given time. BE RESPONSIBLE WITH YOUR ACCOUNT AT ALL COSTS.

Any kind of donation will help keep the website longer than the expected timeframe. This might also include for any other kind of servers we provide too.

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