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#1 04-13-2014 09:03:05

Super Contributor
Super Contributor SND Banned Sailing Away
Registered: 08-17-2013
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Dark Souls 2

who's getting this on PC? it's better than league of bellends and SHITE any day of the week. post steam names here for future jolly cooperation/GWFL for DS1


#2 04-13-2014 09:32:26

VIP Rock Gatherer Loyal Sempai Club Special Sailing Away
From: Yuno where I am
Registered: 10-01-2013
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Re: Dark Souls 2

I hope this port is better. I liked DaS1 on the PS3 but heard the PC port was shit. I'd rather play it safe and get DaS2 on the PS4 but I like DS3 better than DS4 and I can use my DS3 on my PC but not the PS4.



#3 07-12-2017 18:14:19

Super Contributor
Super Contributor Prime Number Sailing Away
From: Pennsylvania
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Re: Dark Souls 2

this thread is 3 years old but i don't want to make a new thread

anybody here still play DS2? i got it really cheap recently and have been playing a lot. it's definitely a flawed game but the pvp is fun. even if the combat makes your character move forward as you attack

you probably remember me as pew00 or pew01 on old rhq


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