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#1 05-23-2014 00:12:08

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Ultra Street Fighter 4 Release Date announced

Coming out for Digital Upgrade (PS3 and 360) on June 3rd for PS3 and June 4th for 360. The price is $14.99
PC and Retail (PS3 and 360) on August 5th

Reminder the retail release will also come with all the costumes for $39.99.

Also next month on 360 you will be able to get SSF4 AE for free so you can upgrade to newest version for $14.99.

Capcom Unity post

Oh yes, the answer to everyone’s question of “When’s Ultra?” is finally upon us! For those in North America who are looking to digitally upgrade to Ultra Street Fighter IV from Super Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition, you will be able to do so on June 3rd via PSN and June 4th via XBLA for a mere $14.99.

For those interested in the disc version or full digital download version, those will be hitting both physical and digital retailers on August 5th for $39.99. For our PC users, the full digital version will be available on August 5th for $29.99.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about how to get those nifty costumes you saw in the trailer there; they’re yours if you pre-order Ultra Street Fighter IV. Be sure to check both the Street Fighter website as well as Capcom-Unity for more information in the upcoming weeks.

So don’t just get hype, GET ULTRA!

http://www.capcom-unity.com/combofiend/ … ease-dates

tumblr_n6tt60b7WE1qivqtjo1_400.giftumblr_mkaqmgmBKr1qi0ax6o1_400.giftumblr_nlylkkqluY1qzljvuo1_400.giftumblr_mepxs1WCKe1r0r9ie.gif EDNvA4Q.gifr6xlWvo.gif


#2 05-23-2014 00:35:42

Ming of Kemes
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Re: Ultra Street Fighter 4 Release Date announced

oh hey this subforum exists now

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