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#1 05-24-2014 01:50:01

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Inside Nintendo Wifi Connection (podcast)

http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/05/23/ … connection

IGN's Nintendo podcast brings you a very special episode this week. Join host Jose Otero, Peer Schneider, and Brian Altano as they remember the recently disabled Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection with Todd Northcutt, former General Manager for GameSpy Technology -- the company that built Nintendo's DS and Wii online infrastructure.

Wow moments

- Not getting a copy of Monster Hunter from Capcom and having the game go live in Japan and kill server capacity while not having anyone that spoke Japanese on staff

- Not being able to patch games so Smash on Wii was broken and Gamespy had to fix it all server side

- Meeting with 2 separate Nintendo teams at once and having them go off for 10 mins arguing against each other cause one side wanted one friend code per user/system and messaging and invites and such and the other didn't all in Japanese while Gamespy Tech sat there seeing it unfold

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