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#1 06-17-2014 21:39:41

The Digital Devil
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The End of Capcom?

http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/2193 … bility.php

Simply put, Capcom's shareholders are removing the ability for Capcom to file for takeover defense renewal, meaning that in the near future, companies like microsoft, sony, nintendo, ect, could buy up Capcom and the IPs for their own usage. This could be both a good and bad thing, depending on the IPs in question. We also don't know if this will be singular or just capcom's entirety.



#2 06-17-2014 23:13:07

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Re: The End of Capcom?

marvel vs ea confirmed



#3 06-18-2014 05:50:29

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Re: The End of Capcom?

nintendo buys mega man, viewtiful joe and monster hunter
sony buys street fighter, resident evil, darkstalkers and devil may cry
microsoft buys dead rising
ea buys the smaller, multiple game franchises and creates facebook games out of them


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