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#1 07-28-2014 18:31:44

Veteran Sailing Away
From: crunk
Registered: 08-17-2013
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Nostalgic Songs Thread

You know what I'm talking about, tracks that sink you into this warm blanket of good memories and if you listen to the first 5 seconds of one of them you need to listen to it completely. You could also describe the memories the song is linked to, good or bad.

*song 5

It was August and September last year when I played the shit out of this song (really the whole album is special to me because all the songs on it had this feel to them, but this is the song I played most then) and it really amplified this weird (but really awesome) feeling I had in my chest. I didn't hang out with anyone for the second half of last summer so I had plenty of time all to myself where I could think and do things my own way for awhile, instead of hanging out with a bunch of dickheads with their own problems.

i am only 7 i just found a snail how cool is that????? most of my classmates only find like ants and beatles and stuff but i just find snails



#2 07-28-2014 19:33:29

Veteran Sailing Away
Registered: 08-20-2013
Posts: 325
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Re: Nostalgic Songs Thread

thanks dad


#3 07-28-2014 22:45:28

frontier psychiatrist
Moderator Super Veteran Donator Creative Friendly Reporter Sempai Club Special Sailing Away
From: thugscape
Registered: 11-16-2013
Posts: 827
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Re: Nostalgic Songs Thread

some old



#4 07-28-2014 23:19:44

Ming of Kemes
VIP Thoughtful Loyal Creative Friendly Reporter Sempai Club Special Sailing Away
From: the dark side of the moon
Registered: 08-17-2013
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Re: Nostalgic Songs Thread

it was nostalgic before the meme smith

donkeykong waifu Overmind_Ani.gif


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