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#1 08-17-2015 22:06:48

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Stock Market Ideas - Make them Shine

The stock market lacked of updates due to my lack of ideas on how to properly update and implement this shit mess, so I'm asking all RHQ members to give me ideas, stock name/ideas, stock descriptions and possible event outcomes to script.

If possible, an icon for the stock too.



#2 08-17-2015 23:54:30

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Re: Stock Market Ideas - Make them Shine

don't add market hours

tumblr_n6tt60b7WE1qivqtjo1_400.giftumblr_mkaqmgmBKr1qi0ax6o1_400.giftumblr_nlylkkqluY1qzljvuo1_400.giftumblr_mepxs1WCKe1r0r9ie.gif EDNvA4Q.gifr6xlWvo.gif


#3 08-18-2015 01:41:21

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Re: Stock Market Ideas - Make them Shine

My suggestions are all in suggestions

Please add market hours so people like darkz don't game the system


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