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#1 08-22-2013 06:03:56

Cpt. Crunchy
Contributor Sailing Away
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Comic Book Movies General (DC, Marvel, ect...)

I figured making one big thread about movies that are adapted from comics would be easier instead of making a billion threads about them.

So anyways, here we shall discuss our favorite comic book movies, our least favorite, our most hated, our most loved and the upcoming films that will be released soon or in coming years. Films that are adapted very well or adapted badly. Which are the best and which are fucking awful and follow nothing of the original source material.

Basicly anything surrounding the subject matter

Animated films count too.

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I loved Man of Steel and think the dark knight trilogy is abit overrated. The Dark Knight was really good tho.


#2 08-22-2013 06:16:02

Veteran Sailing Away
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Re: Comic Book Movies General (DC, Marvel, ect...)

the dark knight rises was one of the most needlessly long movies i've ever seen
they could have condensed that shit into 90 minutes and people would have gotten the idea


#3 08-22-2013 06:21:38

Sailing Away
Registered: 08-21-2013
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Re: Comic Book Movies General (DC, Marvel, ect...)

Man of Steel is the best Superman movie, in terms of Superman and storyline itself. Extra points for him being a total hottie ~. I mean really, this movie gave Superman justice. But I personally didn't feel the Lois/Superman chemistry....it felt dry. And too much action towards the end, that it got boring. It was all BAM POW BAM POW, then....he snapped Zodd's neck. LOL SNAPPED HIS NECK. I'm sorry, but that was lame.

Best DC movie for me, is BATMAN FOREVER. Aside from the nipple thing, I loved everything about it. I'm sure people will disagree, but I love it better than....The Dark Knight trilogy combined. It's cheesy, colorful, all star cast.....I loved it. The old batman movies were my childhood.


#4 04-12-2014 01:01:15

VIP Rock Gatherer Loyal Sempai Club Special Sailing Away
From: Yuno where I am
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Re: Comic Book Movies General (DC, Marvel, ect...)

Saw the new Captain America movie recently. It was pretty decent, good cinematography, pretty good writing (a bit too many one-liners for my taste but they weren't distracting) and it kept my attention decently well (It better have after it cost damn near $60 to see, even with smuggled snacks)



#5 04-25-2014 03:33:41

Sailing Away
From: ducktales
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Re: Comic Book Movies General (DC, Marvel, ect...)

i liek watchmen


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