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#1 04-03-2014 22:52:04

Super Veteran Rock Street Wizard Donator Reporter Sempai Club Prime Number Sailing Away
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Human Experimentation

What's your opinion on the practice of Human Experimentation? Be it some normal experiment or ones that expand further (Sanford Prison Experiment). Do you think they're necessary, unethical or what?

What's your opinion on them if a person agrees to go throughout any trials and are not permitted to stop the tests? What of forced trials (akin to the countless morbid experiments such as Unit 731 or the Nazi Experiments, etc.)

And of preformed on children, whether regular ones or those such as the Monster Studies?

etc. just general opinions on HE.

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#2 04-04-2014 05:02:20

VIP Rock Gatherer Loyal Sempai Club Special Sailing Away
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Re: Human Experimentation

Unfortunately HE is probably the best way to test anything. And because of all the moral breaking studies on cadavers that people like Leonardo da Vinci did, we know what we do about human anatomy today.

Stuff like this is a touchy subject, and I understand why: the idea can just be revolting. But the benefits of HE are just too great to completely do away with the practice.

For now at least; we're getting close to being able to grow human tissue and organs and shit like that that we can do our experiments on.

Although you have the very real moral question of the ethics of experimenting on a synthetically grown human brain; at what point do these synthetic tissues become human etc.



#3 04-04-2014 14:15:34

Contributor Sailing Away
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Re: Human Experimentation

I guess things like cloning and disease control are worth using human testing for, but obviously shit like head injury experiments or experimenting twins/ nazi stuff isn't really that worthwhile research.

Cloning would actually be pretty cool. We don't really need more people, but maybe for space colonization/ stuff like that.


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