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#1 05-20-2014 23:31:13

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'smart gun' bullshit

im not posting this in the gun control thread and i really don't care

http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/20 … _guns.html

the lowdown is that this one company made an overpriced .22 pistol that requires a watch to be held next to it so you can shoot it, and it's a very finicky shitty design that is prone to dozens of ways of just not working, and is also over two times the cost of a regular .22 pistol

and of course, of fucking course these stupid fucks are suing the New Jersey government to make these mandatory for everyone who wants a god damn gun, so jimmy doesn't find it and blow his brains out without the ugly as shit watch that goes with it. unfortunately there is no conceivable way of preventing unauthorized access to firearms yet invented by human hands that could be mandatory for gun owners living with other people

im so sick of this bullshit and i don't even own a gun yet. these people are trying to fuck over anyone and everyone who owns a gun with stupid useless bullshit that won't save a single fucking person

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Hot as a pistol, but cool inside!


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