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#1 05-26-2014 20:15:57

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The Mysterious Murasame Castle coming to Virtual Console (EU only :( ) … irst-time/

If you played Nintendo Land, you probably saw an attraction called “Takamaru’s Ninja Castle” in the game. This attraction was based on an early Famicom Disk System game released by Nintendo only in Japan, titled Nazo no Murasame Jō.


This week, the game is being released outside Japan for the first time ever. Titled The Mysterious Murasame Castle, the game will be released for the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console in Europe on May 29th, a whole year after we first caught wind of its overseas release. It will cost €4.99/£4.49.


The Mysterious Murasame Castle plays similarly to the first Zelda game, with the difference being that it’s more fast-paced and has a time limit. The game’s stages take place in Murasame and its four neighbouring castles, with weapons like a katana and shuriken available for use.

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