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#1 10-01-2013 22:28:53

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This Is My Jam

Basically lets you post your "current favorite song". Bugs you by email every week to tell you to change it to something more current. Personally I need that kind of reminder and it's fun to think of the song you've been loving recently as well. Kind of weak networking options though. You've got friends/followers and you can see their jams. They give you a list of stuff you might like that's related to you song.

I like it.



#2 10-15-2013 04:34:10

super ball dunkin ass nigga
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Re: This Is My Jam

the guys at used to have a site called and it was kind of like this except it made a radio out of all the stuff your friends picked, but it wasn't successful enough and now they're shutting it down. i'm really into the musical social networking thing but i don't really know enough people who do it so that kind of makes the experience suck



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